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About Us

Our Mission

To collaborate with parents and students to creatively design educational opportunities that lead to enhanced academic success for students of color throughout the African Diaspora

Our Rationale and Vision

The Indiana Council on Educating Children of Color is an Indiana State, 501c3 non- profit agency. The focus of ICESC is to collaborate with schools and districts to design and operate after-school and summer educational programs that focuses on reading, writing, comprehension, and math. ​

The Indiana Council on Educating Students of Color is a state-wide organization dedicated to those principles etched in urban education.  Founded in Indiana by a group of concerned educators and community activists committed to improving the educational outcomes of students in Indiana especially those living in marginalized neighborhoods, characterized by high crime, violence and attending schools with poor academic performances. 

ICESC consists of Indiana educators, school administrators, legislators, parents and youth organizing and mobilizing in the State of Indiana.  

ICESC goal is to build a relationship with each child, parent, family, and community we serve. We see ourselves as servant leaders helping children reach their hopes and dreams. Our Parent University Curriculum, “Hopes and Dreams”, actively work with parents to assist their children, mapping out a course of action for reaching the goals of their children. Poverty is not Destiny is our belief. We expect each student to understand that others have risen above their birth status to become influential and community minded individuals.

Key Focus Areas

Literacy [1] :  To answer the call for the needs identified by the 16 cities,  Literacy Center's were established from 2008  to 2014 in conjunction with the Indiana District #4, AME Church, in the following cities:  GARY, SOUTH BEND, ANDERSON, INDIANAPOLIS, SEYMOUR, JEFFERSONVILLE, and NEW ALBANY, Indiana. Members of the  Indiana Council implemented a million dollar 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant awarded to NCEBC which provided service to six (6) schools in  the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township from 2010-2014.  Over 36 educators, for four (4) years, delivered instruction to improve literacy skills, engaging 300 students in an after-school setting.  Five (5) of the schools’ state report card grade improved from "D and "F" to "A and "B". Total students served across the state: 630. In 2016, The Indiana Council on Educating Students of Color re-energized after the National Council on Educating Black Students closed their national office in Indianapolis. International Initiative : " Breaking The Chains of Illiteracy for Children of the Diaspora"  is a joint partnership with 16th Episcopal District, AME Church Schools.  (See our Programs) or click on the following  link:  Breaking The Chains of Illiteracy for Children of the Diaspora to download the brochure. 

Issues of Diversity [2]:  As a result of State Representative Gregory Porter's "Cultural Competency Legislation" a partnership with Indiana University School of Education was formed to conduct a cultural audit process.  A staff development grant from Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township was implemented by Indianapolis educators, Indiana University PHD candidates and National Council on Educating Black Children Executive staff to review cultural competency in 25 schools.  Each school received a report as well as a presentation to the school board.​

Parental and Community Support [3]:  Meetings were held with parents and community groups in Northern, Central and Southern Indiana. A parent newsletter, "Good Choices" was distributed along with books on Black Males and the establishment of a radio show hosted by local Indiana activist on issues impacting the education of Black Students.

Data and Dissemination [4]:  The Indiana Council Partnered with The African American Equity Project at Indiana University for data collection/presentation and evaluation of our programs in Indiana.

Advocacy and Policy [5]:  Indiana Council members met with Superintendents, Principals, and Community groups in Indiana (Gary, Elkhart, South Bend, Indianapolis and New Albany) to discuss policies and laws that impact the education of Black Males.  Other topics under discussion include Growth Model, opposition to third grade test scores without state funding for early childhood. Education,  inclusion into school structure, cultural competency for all staff members, and alternative models for teacher certifications (increase African American Teachers in public and charter schools). School Districts across Indiana supported the Indiana Council, Indiana educators and parents working in large numbers for the past 10 years to participate in NCEBC Conventions (i.e. NCEBC 2015 Convention held in Indianapolis, 450 attendees, hosted by 7 area School Districts), conferences, trainings.

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